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Making stuff


I don’t make nearly enough stuff. I realized that while hot-gluing buttons for Christmas ornaments last month. The thought arose again while I took a few hours to work on a room redesign for a friend’s science classroom. And yet a third time, while making pipe cleaner flowers for a service project on MLK Day. […]

BWA Brunch pt 2


Flickr photo by Christine H It started with coffee… …and Rosa Sheng’s Missing 32 percent’s EQxD blog series. A few months ago, I wrote a guest blog for the Missing 32 percent’s about bias and prejudice and if it should limit your dreams. I was fortunate to connect with one of the authors, Katherine Williams. […]

BWA Brunch pt1


Flickr photo by Connecting with black women architects Since I moved to the DMV area in early 2014, I have been thinking about having a get together for Black women architects. Earlier this summer, I was part of a blog series initiated by Equity in Design (formerly The Missing 32%). I was reading a […]