Design Futures Summit: 5 thoughts that stuck


There were many good thoughts and ideas that grabbed my attention at the Design Futures Leadership Summit on Sustainability held in Portland in September. Here a few of the most memorable.

Take aways: 5 thoughts
1. Because there is no bold national advocacy on climate change the Overton Window is being shifted. -Alex Steffen, WorldChanging

2. “A pack of cities is racing away from everybody else in terms of their ability to attract and retain an educated workforce,” said Bruce Katz, director of the Center on Urban and Metropolitan Policy at the Brookings Institution. “It is a sobering trend for cities left behind.” -as quoted by Rob Bennett, Portland Sustainability Institute

3. Affordable housing policy of the last 65 years was drive until you qualify. -Dr. Richard Jackson, UCLA

4. TV took 13 years to get 50 million subscribers. Facebook took 12 months. Twitter took 9 months. -Riggs Kubiak, Honest Buildings, Inc

5. (my paraphrasing) The comet theory as metaphor for leadership: even a comet has stragglers at the end of it’s tail. They may be slow to catch up but they eventually follow the head. -Scott Poole, University of Tennessee

I could expand on any of theses thoughts but for now they will just marinate. do any of them resonate with you?

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5 Responses to “Design Futures Summit: 5 thoughts that stuck”

  1. Well, #1 taught me something I didn’t know. They truly have a name for everything. I also liked #5…this metaphor of course has a positive and negative reality…

  2. #1 a notably missing topic from presidential debates
    #2. affordable city is like an oxymoron.
    #4. And yet i felt more connected to my generation/zeit geist 30 years ago

    • Laura,
      on #4 the electronic connections still need to get reinforced by the face-to-face, or at least a phone call, or they can become meaningless. it is quite amazing how fast it has become part of the norm though.