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For this year’s review of the number of African-American architects, I asked Dennis Mann, one of Administrators of the Directory of African American Architects to write about the trends he is seeing. In the last two years, the Directory of African American Architects listed 119 newly licensed architects. That may not sound significant. However, this […]

Since 2010, I have been tracking the number of licensed African-American architects to understand how this group is faring along their professional paths. My analysis is based on the numbers that are reported by the Directory of African American Architects.** Last year was a banner year with 66 AA architects reporting that they received their […]

At the end of 2013, there were approximately 1910 architects in the Directory of African American Architects. For the year, 25 AA architects reported as newly licensed. While the number is low compared to previous years, it reflects the downward trend that was also present in the recessionary times in the early 2000s. Year 2009 […]

I started this venture almost three years ago, looking at the numbers of licensed African American architects. I wanted to know what the data said about the trend for people who look like me getting their architecture license in the US. I have yet to find anyone else doing this. However, if you know someone, […]

Photo by thefixer recently wrote about the “meltdown” of the architecture profession. This article is a the latest in a series of articles that basically saying how hard it is to make a living in the professions. Yes movies portray it as glamorous, but that only becomes reality for a few. For most of […]

One of my big accomplishments this year was earning my architecture license. In the last year, 46 other African-Americans made the same achievement. Congratulations! As part of a group of women discussing the the numbers of African-American women in the profession, I have spoken a few times about my journey in the architecture. The sessions […]

I have been chatting by email with Dennis Mann, one of the editors of the Directory of African American Architects, about ways to give a historical view of the numbers.



BWA – Black women in architecture Brunch Learn about the next BWA Brunch in DC happening September 17, 2017. In November 2015, I hosted the first BWA Brunch in Washington DC. Over 30 women attended to enjoy food, fellowship and fun. Read about it here. A second brunch event was held April 2016. Is your company […]

At the end of 2014, there were approximately 1955 architects in the Directory of African American Architects.** For the year, 23 AA architects reported as newly licensed.

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In July NCARB* released a new publication, NCARB By The Numbers, which “offers an inside look at the data behind the architectural profession.” For anyone interested in the state of the profession, it provides insight on who is getting licensed, why people get licensed, and how long it is taking them to complete the process […]