AA architects: the numbers for women 2011

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Salon.com recently wrote about the “meltdown” of the architecture profession. This article is a the latest in a series of articles that basically saying how hard it is to make a living in the professions. Yes movies portray it as glamorous, but that only becomes reality for a few. For most of us it is a lot of hard work with a few moments of glory when we get to see that space we have been designing being lived in or used.

This year was especially hard for black women architects getting licensed. (I don’t have data for other groups, if it’s out there, let me know.) According to the Directory of African American Architects, only 8 African-American women were licensed in 2011. That is less than half of 2010’s total of 19. However it echoes the bounces and falls over the past 30 years year when the high was 21 (2009) and the low, for several years, was only 1. I encourage those who are reaching for this goal to keep pushing. Of course, HUGE congratulations go to the 8 who completed this step in 2011.

Look back at the 2010 numbers here.

6 Responses to “AA architects: the numbers for women 2011”

  1. 1 P G

    In the best of times, it is extremely hard for black women to move up in the profession of architecture. I can safely say these are the worst of times we are experiencing here. I have a license and nearly 20 years doing this. My advice, diversify. License: Yes; Alternative career paths: Yes.

    • Paula,
      I agree. Even though I am not signing drawings, yet, I saw the license as an essential part of my career. I work in development but having the license opens opportunites for me.

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