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tea time
Tea Kung Fu Photo by Michael Camilleri

After dinner, a cup of tea or coffee is always welcome. Consider this my after dinner post to wrap up this edition of the dinner series.

For the last couple of weeks, I have been writing about food and community, particularly focused around dinner. I had a lot of food related activities going on – hosting a party, construction of a restaurant,and exploring new food options in San Francisco. Of course it is also the season for enjoying really good food, hopefully, with family and friends.

One of the other reasons I have been thinking about writing about food and community is that I have several friends who are pursuing food ventures. It has been fascinating watching these people, who are all trained as designers, add something new to to their plates.

Napa Valley by Sarah_Ackerman

We love good wine but may not have time to traipse around France or even Napa to experience different flavors or figure out what we like. My friend, Terricinia, has started a home wine tasting business to bring fine wine to customers in their home. Clients can taste different wines, learn about the wines from a certified sommelier and make a purchase.

Nik pourin’ up

The Congenial Hour, by my friend Nik, explores the intersection of design and liquid spirits. He posts daily, Monday through Friday, at “the congenial hour, the hour for cocktails,” 6 pm. He writes about drinking culture looking at everything from glass design to what makes a great designed pub, to what people should wear during “the hour”. I like how a discussion about architecture has morphed into a look at all things about the style of the congenial hour.

CityCookhouse logo

With City Cookhouse, Chef Zee, has built and is operating a commercial kitchen in the heart of Harlem. Chefs teach classes on variety of cuisines, especially focused on healthy meals, and entrepreneurs can rent the kitchen to make their food. Kids can also take classes there. I love the thought of communal learning and eating.

Want to connect or find out more about these food ventures, go to their websites and follow them on Twitter or Facebook.
The Congenial Hour | Twitter: @thecongenialhr | Facebook Nikolas Hill
City Cookhouse | Twitter: @citycookhouse | Facebook Chef Zee

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