Being a Community Visionionary

White Earth Lake
Photo by Shannon Eck

I had the pleasure of stumbling onto a new radio show, The Promised Land, hosted by the extraordinary Majora Carter. The show spotlights people “with innovative ideas about changing lives and transforming communities.” Instead of just interviewing her subjects in a studio, Ms Carter actually spends time with them in their environment. The hour long show takes us on a journey into the daily lives of these people.

On a recent show, Ms Carter spent some time with Winona LaDuke. LaDuke is the Founding Director of the White Earth Land Recovery Project, a reservation based non-profit devoted to restoring the land-base and culture of the White Earth Anishinaabeg. The show brought listeners to the White Earth reservation and highlighted many of the projects LaDuke and the Recovery Project are undertaking to restore this community. The resources of the land are crucial to this community. The organization is tackling food security and obesity, energy production, and wildlife restoration just to name a few.

White Earth Lake
Photo by Brian Jeffery Beggerly

This show reminded me that one element that really helps to bring change struggling communities is a strong visionary. I loved that LaDuke continuously listed off projects that she wanted to get started in her community. She has hope in what her community can become and she is working tirelessly to make that dream reality. She has a vision for what her community needs and she is enlisting people to help her make it happen. LaDuke is also actively advocating for legislation that will help make here goals easier to accomplish.

To hear the show, visit The Promised Land website or check your public radio station schedule.