Brookings research shows disconnect between workers and transit


Earlier this summer, The Brookings Institution released a great paper discussing the problem of transit and jobs. Basically, the authors say transit exists where the jobs are but not where people live so people have a hard time actually getting from residential areas to employment centers.

I am experiencing this first hand. My mom used to be able to ride a bus from my grandmother’s house to the nearby cities. Now 50 years later, because of privatization of transportation through easy access to individual automobiles and disinvestment in transit, there is no public transportation for tens of miles from the house. It would be great to have a bus line within walking or biking distance not only for employees but for kids to get around. Folks who can not afford a car or families with only one car and multiple workers could be helped to get to jobs and neighborhood services.

In addition to the paper the website has an interactive map that shows share of jobs in neighborhoods with public transit. I was really spoiled in San Francisco: I had a ten minute train ride to work.

What has your experience been using transit to get to work?

Flickr photo by torbakhopper