BWA Brunch pt3


20151107_103313.jpgLast summer, I got this crazy idea that I could gather a room full of black women architects to network and just meet each other. The idea was cemented in my mind after a conversation with a local colleague.

I started out with a list of 25 women. I asked them to send me names and emails to add the list. By the day of the actual event, I had sent emails to over 65 women. I had forty attendees including a couple of New Yorkers who came down to attend. I was amazed, and a felt a little like I was watching a giant snow ball roll down a hill building momentum.

The day of the event was nerve-wracking, exciting, but also exhilarating.

Because we were having alcohol at the event, two weeks before the date, I had to change venues. Initially a university was going to host but at the late hour a mentor volunteered the conference room at her office, STUDIOS Architecture,a large firm with offices nationwide. The space was cozy and allowed people to engage across the room.

A little over an hour before guests were to show up, I arrived to set up. My friend and sommelier, Terricinia St Clair of A Tipsy Sommelier arrived with her caterer, Franklin Crump of GFC Catering. We had an array of delectable food – vegetables, steak, and crabcakes, to list a few.

BWABrunch1-WineListTerricinia brought the main entertainment – the wine tasting! She brought five wines for us to taste and pair with the foods. This was a great way to get everyone munching and enjoying the drinks. The afternoon was topped off with a dessert I dubbed “Çoma by Chocolate” that we were to pour a bit of the port over to enhance the flavor. Just like the rest of the food, it was delicious.

During the event, women gave a brief introduction to the group, chatted with each other. They received a tour of STUDIOS. Women who attended the same colleges connected with fellow alumni. Overall, everyone had a great time enjoying the camaraderie. It is so rare for us to be in a full of women who look like us, doing similar work. I received several requests to do another event. If you are in the DC area, let me know you want to attend the next Brunch scheduled for April.

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  1. 1 Dahmahlee Lawrence

    Will you do a brunch in New York?