I wish I would have known…

“I wish I would have known” book. Edited by Katherine Williams.
It is important for black women architects to tell our story. I am creating a book that would be a great resource for my students. Students, from middle school to college, need to know that they can succeed in this field and see role models who look like them. Share your story.

Write a letter to their 20-year-old self about what you wish you would have known about architecture, life, etc. I will compile these into an ebook to be published in Fall 2017.

Example Questions

    How would better prepare for you first job out of college?
    Describe your ARE exam experience.
    What advice should you have ignored?
    What advice should you have paid more attention to?
    What goal should you have pursued harder?
    What desire should you have let go?

Send your letter or additional questions to Katherine .