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Since 2010, I have been tracking the number of licensed African-American architects to understand how this group is faring along their professional paths. My analysis is based on the numbers that are reported by the Directory of African American Architects.** Last year was a banner year with 66 AA architects reporting that they received their […]

Modernist architecture with it’s simple lines can be a glorious thing to enjoy. Can you imagine getting to live in one the houses of that era? In May, I had the opportunity to tour the Rice house. The only International style house in Richmond, Va, the house was designed by Richard Neutra for the Ambassador […]

I am at the Design Futures Sustainability Leadership Summit in Portland, Oregon this week. I was chosen as one of five emerging professionals to receive a scholarship to attend. I look forward to the interesting speakers and lively conversation.


Communities need all types of people to survive. It’s good to see someone in Richmond championing that.



My mom & daughter 2009 I first learned the importance of community from my mom. She was always volunteering for some activity or another, helping out other people. She almost never said no when someone needed her help. She’s the reason I speak to anyone I pass by no matter how dirty, or down trodden […]