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BWA Brunch pt1


Flickr photo by Connecting with black women architects Since I moved to the DMV area in early 2014, I have been thinking about having a get together for Black women architects. Earlier this summer, I was part of a blog series initiated by Equity in Design (formerly The Missing 32%). I was reading a […]



I expanded my blog post about the number of African-American architects licensed last year to be published in the latest edition of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Young Architects Forum (YAF) CONNECTION magazine. Check out the whole magazine for articles on diversity and equity in design.

At the end of 2014, there were approximately 1955 architects in the Directory of African American Architects.** For the year, 23 AA architects reported as newly licensed.

At the end of 2013, there were approximately 1910 architects in the Directory of African American Architects. For the year, 25 AA architects reported as newly licensed. While the number is low compared to previous years, it reflects the downward trend that was also present in the recessionary times in the early 2000s. Year 2009 […]

My latest editorial effort is now available. The Fall 2013 National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA) Magazine is Fitting Into the New Economy. The articles presented give stories and perspective on how today’s architects are weathering the storm. George Bandy, Jr. highlights USGBC’s expansion and opportunities created by a partnership with NOMA. Thalia Lewis sat […]

The latest NOMA magazine arrived in the mail today. Our team worked hard putting this together. I hope the members and friends of NOMA enjoy this look back at last year’s conference. Please send your feedback to magazin [at] If you aren’t a member, think about joining. However, you can still view the PDF […]

I started this venture almost three years ago, looking at the numbers of licensed African American architects. I wanted to know what the data said about the trend for people who look like me getting their architecture license in the US. I have yet to find anyone else doing this. However, if you know someone, […]

Woman at party says “I have seen your work.” I think jokingly “am I famous? are the paparazzi hunting me down?” At that party [tonight 9/24/2010] a few years ago, I was reminded of how small the circle of black women architects is. I was standing in a room of affordable housing/community development folks and […]

Architect Magazine has had a smattering of coverage on women in architecture over the last few months. 1) Double Whammy: Would there be more women in architecture if there were more women in development? 2) Spaces Through Gender It is great that more women are getting press. However I was really disappointed with the latest […]

10 years ago


Where has the time gone? Almost ten years ago, my essay “Where Are the Architects That Look Like Me?” was published. At that time there were only 143 licensed African American women architects. I didn’t think it was a ground breaking essay and I am sure many other women had said the same words. That […]