Community design online


Yesterday’s task for the 31bnb challenge was to link to a blog in my niche. Do I have a niche? I have to think more about if one blog accomplishes the breadth of subjects that are important to me. Maybe I need more than one blog. For now I decided to do a search on community design since a lot of what I do circles back around to creating better communities using design.

It was difficult to find blogs on the topic with a quick search. After using a few search terms I found the East Tennessee Community Design Center. I really liked that the latest post has existing and after images of projects happening around Downtown Vestal, TN. This is a great way of being an information source for a community. Community design centers should not only being promoting good design but also be an information source for community members. In this case ETCDC republished a well written article that does a good job of describing how the ideas put into a community plan that is ten year old is being implemented into real projects. Like most architectural interventions, the images really help tell the story.