is community design bloggable?


I am a few days late to this week’s Blogging For Branding challenge tasks but I am trying to catch up. Day 24’s task was to write a link post. This blog challenge has really inspired me to go looking for community based design online. Unfortunately a lot of the great organizations that are doing the work on the ground are not blogging – or at least blogs are not linked from their main sites or easily located through search engines. It would be great if I could find more because this type of work is difficult and blogging is a great way to share ideas and learn form each other. In spite of that, I want to highlight a few blogs that I did find that show some great example of work that is getting community members involved in design for their communities or bringing great design to underserved neighborhoods.

Charlottesville Community Design Center’s Design Marathon

I have admired the CCDC for a long time. This blog highlights their Design Marathon. Local designers commit to spending an intense 12 hours working on a project for a nonprofit. Ten nonprofits are chosen. What a great way to bring a charette style event to benefit local organizations.

Art Aids Art
Though architecture tend to be my first thought in community design, this organization is using design to alleviate poverty and build community in south Africa. The blog highlight their work and community news.

Power of Pro Bono

This is a great companion blog to a book that will be coming out in the fall. It focuses on how designers are spending a little of their billable time doing probono projects to benefit communities and organizations that serve them. The blog is a great preview of the soon to be released book.

What example of community based and benefiting design are you following online?