NCARB stats


In July NCARB* released a new publication, NCARB By The Numbers, which “offers an inside look at the data behind the architectural profession.” For anyone interested in the state of the profession, it provides insight on who is getting licensed, why people get licensed, and how long it is taking them to complete the process among other statistics.

Interesting stats I noted
>> Over the last 40 years, the time from graduation to licensure has almost doubled from a little over 5 years to almost 9 years. (p9)
>> On both scales of 1) years between graduation and licensure and 2) years to complete IDP, people with M.Arch, finished sooner. (p10,11)
>> The average time to complete IDP has been decreasing. (p12) However, people are taking longer to finish get their licenses so IDP must not be the stumbling block for most.
>> The pool is still majaority male but the number of women interns has steadily increased. Unfortunately, the number of licensed women still remains under 20% consistently.(p15)

NCARB Certificates and the Economy

>> It’s also interesting to note that the number of registrations appears to be a lagging indicator of economic strength. While the economy decreased sharply in 2002, registration didn’t have the same sharp decline until 2004. Similarly, construction spending sharply increased in 2007, there was not a bump in registration until 2008 and 2009. (p22)

While the report gives information by gender and location, it is missing information by race and ethnicity. For those of use concerned about increasing these numbers we will have to wait for hopefully a followup report with that information.

I encourage architects to read the report to see how their experience matches up with others who are in the profession. Where is your situation similar to others? In which areas are you outside the averages?

*National Council of Architectural Registration Boards – the group of the state architectural registration boards who license architects.