no conferences this year

On our way home from NYC 9/2010

2011 is three quarters done and I have stuck to my pledge this year not to attend any conferences. In the past five years I have attended at least one architecture conference per year and several of the years I attended two. I love the networking and professional development.

This year I decided to step back and take a break. I just did not want to do a travel for a long time to get to a large conference, to run around some big facility, trying to figure out another city. I have tried to still foster networking online and by phone email and in person with people here. I have been doing personal reflection and development especially after spending so much time the past few years focused on my career and completing the architecture licensing process.

I was also motivated by my finances. In the past speaking at conferences was an opportunity to get complementary registration and sometimes travel costs covered. Most times, I travel with my daughter so I pay for two. This year I wanted to be with my family for Christmas. Traveling for conferences didn’t leave a lot left to get in an expensive cross-country holiday trip. For the past four years, we have been in California for Christmas with friends or just the two of us celebrating. I am looking forward to being surrounded by family this year. Of course, my daughter will wish for an east coast snow storm.