NOMA Mag Spring Edition


The latest NOMA (National Magazine’s them is Africa: Dissect, Design, Deliver. (Thanks to Ifeoma Ebo for coming up the title.) The articles are great. Shout out to Betsy Ismail for the wonderful graphic layout, to Ifeoma Ebo, Stephonie Nash and Victoria Kaplan for editorial assistance.

Editor’s Page
In the information age, there is no excuse for us to limit our thinking on unknown areas to solely what we hear and read from major new sources. The internet is flooded with independent journalists even average people who report about their own communities. In the case of Africa, more people are traveling there and many people from Africa are going outside the continent for higher education and employment. The stories and experiences are out here for those of us willing to listen and engage. In this issue we focus on Africa, design that is happening there, as well as, design inspired by African tradition. The writers bring stories of hope and also reveal work yet to be done. The designs shown express a desire to go beyond dressing and truly communicate culture in the built form. The work also reveals hope as architects are instruments for improving communities through their research and ultimately buildings that serve community needs.