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EQxD Get Real: Be Willing to Listen
Recognizing our Privilege & Bias
Essay for Equity by Design blog Get Real Series.



“Diversity Matters: 2014 Statistics of African American Architects”
An expansion of my blog post about the number of African-American architects licensed in 2014 published in the April 2015 edition of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Young Architects Forum (YAF) CONNECTION magazine.



“Stepping Off the Merry-Go-Round: A Rose Fellow Chooses Community Design”
Bridging the Gap: Public-Interest Architectural Internships
By Georgia Bizios, Katie Wakeford (2011)
Collection of 19 essays from contributors sharing different perspectives on public-interest architectural internships, the book presents opinions of licensed architects practicing in the field to interns describing their experiences as students.
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“Where Are the Architects That Look Like Me?” – discussing diversity in the architecture profession in 20 on 20/20 Vision: Perspectives on Diversity and Design. (2003)

A collection of 10 peer-reviewed and 10 invited essays on diversity in the design profession by interns, educators, senior practitioners and international designers. Written as part of 2003 Diversity Conference in Boston.

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“Alumni basketball game for fun and funds.”

Village News. (May 21, 2015.)

“Virginia State University breaks ground on new Multipurpose Center.”
Village News. (Dec 18, 2013.)

“Virginia State convocation center could spur growth in Ettrick.”
Village News. (Mar 06, 2013.)


“40 Years Later:” Why NOMA Still Matters
PBCD News.
A publication of the Planning and the Black Community Division of the American Planning Association (APA). (Winter 2013)

“Architecture, Wealth and Community Design”– how architects can influence creation of affordable housing, NOMA Magazine (Fall 2008)

“Getting Our Hands Dirty” introducing vermicomposting to an architecture office, FORWARD (2005)


National Organization of Minority Architects [website]
Editor, Magazine – 2009 – 2014

FORWARD – formerly a quarterly publication of the National Associates Committee of the American Institute of Architects, Director – 2006

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