<9/11 Memorial - South Pool
Flickr photo by jenn

I will always remember and pause for a moment on  9-11. From my social media feeds I guess everyone is doing the same today. This is one of those days when we all unite as community to remember.

At the time I worked with someone from New York. We turned on the TV in the office as the second tower was hit. My coworker was devastated. My daughter was born in April of 2011. I suddenly thought in what kind of world will my daughter be growing up. Could I protect her? I felt linked because like so many who travel to New York,  I visited those towers and looked out of the observation deck at the top.

Looking back, I realize we are blessed to live in a country where 9-11s do not happen every day.

As I sit here, I am watching the rebroadcast on TV and I am getting chills just remembering my feelings on that day.

It is important that we all remember that event but that we also remember and hold on to the unity of our country immediately after.