Shared experience: Girl Scout cookies

Girl Scout Cookies

February and March is one of the best times of the year. Young girls get to try their sales skills, math skills, organizations skills and probably their parents’ patience during the annual Girls Scout Cookie sale. For a little over six months, I have been co-leading my 4th grade daughter’s Girls Scout troop. It is a great experience, even though at times exhausting. It makes me appreciate all those adults who worked behind the scenes to get me where I am.

But back to the cookies. I love helping the girls with the cookie sale. They get to interact with adults who are usually really excited to buy from them. I love standing at a booth and hear someone say “ooooo Girl Scout cookies!” They share memories of eating them, sometimes sharing with family and friends. Young and old, they all get a little sparkle when they hold the cherished box. The girls hear people talk about their favorites and even engage in some friendly arguing over which is the best – Thin Mints or Samoas.

As we wind down our sales, I hope our girls, many first time scouts, remember this time and the many people who buy because they have this shared experience of enjoying this wonderful treat and helping empower some girls, too.

What is your favorite Girl Scout cookie? or cookie memory?