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<Flickr photo by jenn I will always remember and pause for a moment on  9-11. From my social media feeds I guess everyone is doing the same today. This is one of those days when we all unite as community to remember. At the time I worked with someone from New York. We turned on […]

Tea Kung Fu Photo by Michael Camilleri After dinner, a cup of tea or coffee is always welcome. Consider this my after dinner post to wrap up this edition of the dinner series. For the last couple of weeks, I have been writing about food and community, particularly focused around dinner. I had a lot […]

false dichotomy


Girl Scouts holding a lizard (nature!) at campPhoto by K Williams A week ago my thoughts were all on green. Thursday I attended the Sustainable Industries Economic Forum. The gathering focused on the “Access Economy: an emerging economic development and business model that fosters less consuming, more sharing, and real-time customer feedback”. Saturday I attended […]

I sat in my car Saturday afternoon reading Facebook comments to Nicholas D. Kristof’s question asking what were you doing on 9/11/01 and what have we learned. On that day I sat with my coworkers watching the events unfold on tv. One of them was from NY; that was probably my only concrete connection to […]