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This is my seventh installment of looking at the number of African American architects registered in the US. At the end of 2017, there were about 2,163 currently licensed African American architects registered at The Directory of African American Architects. Looking at the total number of African-American architect per year, we see that there is […]

BWA Brunch 2017


The next Black Women in Architecture Brunch will be held Sunday, September 17 at 11am. Purchase tickets here. You can also support the event and these women by becoming a sponsor. Download info here. Contribute through PayPal. Read about previous BWA events: 2015 | 2016

Since 2007, Riding the Vortex has been presented as panel of women in architecture, usually Black women, talking about their experience in the industry and offering a place for other people to share their stories. We presented twice in the Fall of 2016. The following is a summary of Riding the Vortex XV at the […]

For this year’s review of the number of African-American architects, I asked Dennis Mann, one of Administrators of the Directory of African American Architects to write about the trends he is seeing. In the last two years, the Directory of African American Architects listed 119 newly licensed architects. That may not sound significant. However, this […]

In the last year, I have organized two events for Black Women in Architecture in the DC area. This idea of gathering, sharing our stories, and supporting each other. The idea is being replicated by other women around the US. Below is a post about the Atlanta event held in October. NOMAtlanta’s Women In Architecture […]

After I organized a successful brunch event for Black women in architecture in the fall of 2015, many women expressed interest in having another event. Thus the second Black Women in Architecture Brunch was held in DC in April. Gensler Architects offered their lovely space which included a conference room and kitchen area. Attendees were […]

BWA Brunch pt3


Last summer, I got this crazy idea that I could gather a room full of black women architects to network and just meet each other. The idea was cemented in my mind after a conversation with a local colleague. I started out with a list of 25 women. I asked them to send me names […]

BWA Brunch pt 2


Flickr photo by Christine H It started with coffee… …and Rosa Sheng’s Missing 32 percent’s EQxD blog series. A few months ago, I wrote a guest blog for the Missing 32 percent’s about bias and prejudice and if it should limit your dreams. I was fortunate to connect with one of the authors, Katherine Williams. […]

BWA Brunch pt1


Flickr photo by Connecting with black women architects Since I moved to the DMV area in early 2014, I have been thinking about having a get together for Black women architects. Earlier this summer, I was part of a blog series initiated by Equity in Design (formerly The Missing 32%). I was reading a […]

At the end of 2014, there were approximately 1955 architects in the Directory of African American Architects.** For the year, 23 AA architects reported as newly licensed.