What does it take to create community (a partial list)


After moving away from everything that was familiar, I had to create a new community for myself. I landed in a small San Francisco neighborhood that has always felt like the right place to be at this time. Here are a few things that make creating community important.

1. a community gathering place. There must be a place where you can see your neighbors in a casual, spontaneous way. This can be the neighborhood coffee shop, the library, or even the laundermat.

2. Town crier. There must be someone or some group that houses the information for the community. This can happen in community newspaper but it always help to have one or two people that neighbors can always call to ask “do you know what happened yesterday at the store?”

3. Walkability. People create community when they see one another. Even in the furthest suburbs, if people can and do walk around their neighborhood, they are more likely to get to know one another.

4. Security. People create community and interact with one another when they feel safe being in a place.

5. Willingness to share. When people share of themselves they invite other to be in communion with them. This can be sharing a meal, sharing a bike ride, or lending a hand to a neighbor in need.

What’s a staple in your community?

3 Responses to “What does it take to create community (a partial list)”

  1. 1 Joe Leland

    Communities also need institutions. Be they tangible like a building or intangible like an event , people need something in common to rally around (or against) to strengthen the shared bond.

    Great list btw

    • Thanks for adding to the list. I agree shared bond is definitely created through times of celebration and/or adversity.

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