What i learned from a year of blogging


100_0302If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you may have seen my occasional posts titled “day … | [insert word here].”  Last summer I moved back to Virginia and I needed a way to document that. Maybe I subconsciously knew I wouldn’t be able to take it all in. I have been a serial journaler since I was young. Sometimes you need to go back and remember who were and what you were doing. Sometimes you need to be reminded of the dreams you had. My blog allowed me to do that. It also let people who I could not talk to every day see what was going on with my family, from the mundane to the significant.

As I start my second year of this project, I tried to come up with a reason for continuing. In some senses, it is just a silly self fulfilling project. However, after seeing that my daughter looks forward to reading the blog and offering commentary, maybe it is not so silly. It gives us a way to reflect and talk about our day or week. It is a way for us to remember what is stuff about us and our community from the mundane to the important.

I invite you to browse through our past year.