What safety net?


Lately I have been thinking about the whole set up of nonprofit, community work in light of the the financial times we are in. I have been asking myself how did we get to a state that Wall Street CEOs, who don’t make any tangible product, earn so much more than average workers, then shelter their money in foundations and such to avoid paying taxes, then community organizations who are trying to support those who don’t earn enough to support themselves go begging to those foundations to get money to help the poor, homeless, mentally ill, elderly, “less fortunate” people. My head is spinning just writing that. It seems like an endless cycle where there will always be people who are getting the short end of the stick and are stuck out in the cold, without a meal, with no support.

Is there an answer to this? Warren Buffet promotes his “billionaires give away their fortune” mantra as one solution. However isn’t the whole income disparity problem is how many billionaires got their money? Maybe getting rid of lobbyists who press for money for war and prisons and other forms of mass destruction because corporations are benefiting. Then our tax dollars could support schools and housing here. Reforming the tax code has been batted around but it seems like no one has the political will to step into that minefield.

There are a couple of more experienced folks whose position seem to support my premise:

The Truth about the Economy in 2 minutes – Robert Reich

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