women architects in the media


Architect Magazine has had a smattering of coverage on women in architecture over the last few months.

It is great that more women are getting press. However I was really disappointed with the latest article – Making the Mold. The following is what I wrote to the editors.

Dear Architect Magazine,
I just finished reading the article Making the Mold, on diversity in architecture, from the July 2012 issue. Instead of reiterating what most of us already know about diversity in the profession, it would have been much more helpful to actually demonstrate ways the situation is being changed. For example as a woman and firm owner, what is Ms Berke doing differently to support the women in her firm? What advice does she give to her students to help them have a successful career and go on to get licensed? How does she approach clients differently to get alleviate their biases?

I was really disappointed that you highlighted the article on the cover but offered nothing new on the subject.

–Katherine Williams, AIA, NOMA

What question would you want journalists to ask women architects?

Flickr photo by Melissa